Application Porosity/Pore Size

NMR offers direct measurement of porosity on rock cores or unconsolidated samples.

Spatial T2

Green Imaging has developed methods for applying a spatial parameter to the standard T2 measurement and allowing users to measure a T2 distribution at multiple locations along the sample. This creates a spatial T2 map which can be very useful, particularly with heterogeneous pore networks.


One of the most basic measurements needed to evaluate porous media such as rock core and cutting samples is porosity. NMR directly measures the fluid in the rock and provides a quantitative measurement of porosity and pore size. Other fluid/pore parameters can be interpreted from the pore size distribution, such as free fluid index, bound volume irreducible, clay bound water and T2 cut-off. These measurements are essential when estimating the amount of fluid present in the sample and how easily the fluid can be removed.

A simple spatial T2 measurement.

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