Product GIT App Builder

The integrated development environment for building NMR applications. From pulse sequence coding and debugging, to advanced processing libraries.

GIT App Builder is a fully integrated sequence development environment that allows users to write pulse sequences, set parameters, run the sequence, visualize the results, and process data. No need to run several different software packages for programming, debugging, and visualization, the GIT App Builder lets you do all aspects of development in one environment.

Build sequences

Users can build their own sequences or select from many built-in sequences including a CPMG, FID, and STE-Diffusion.

Run and optimize parameters

Create your own parameter dialogs.

Instant raw data feedback

Run sequences with real time visualization.

Custom or built-in data processing

Use over 300 auto-complete functions to easily develop data processing scripts.

Visualize Processed Results

Using the readily available visualization tools, the researcher can debug processing in real-time and process the data into meaningful results.

Routine Tests

Once new pulse sequence and data processing tools have been created in GIT App Builder, users can then package the new application into other software packages such as GIT Systems or LithoMetrix. Routine users can then run the newly developed tests without fail. Never before has it been easier to develop your own pulse sequences and package them in a useful way. The GIT App Builder is one more exclusive feature offered to clients using LithoMetrix or GIT Systems software, either packaged with the latest GeoSpec2 rock core analyzer, or with legacy hardware such as the Maran or Maran Ultra.

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