GIT Systems Software

Green Imaging's GIT Systems software provides intuitive, robust access to the full capabilities of your NMR hardware.

GIT Systems software comes in several packages, from the most basic, LithoMetrix, to the most advanced, GIT Systems 3D Imaging. 


 Our most basic software acts as the operating system for the NMR instrument. LithoMetrix simplifies calibration, and maintenance of the NMR system utilizing an intuitive, easy to use interface. Allowing users to perform the basic NMR analysis functions in the laboratory. As such all GeoSpec NMR core analyzers come completely equipped with LithoMetrix software.

  • Pore Size Distributions
  • Free Fluid Index
  • Clay Bound Water
  • Effective Porosity
  • Rock Matrix Heterogeneity
  • Reprocessing of 1D Inversions
  • Exponential Fitting of Data
  • Standard Permeability Models
  • Compute Model Coefficients
  • Multi-Sample Statistical Analysis
  • Background Subtraction of Data
Simplify Lab Work
  • Directly Control NMR Instrument
  • Maintain Calibrations
  • Remote Database Storage
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Scan Automation
  • Multi-Site Configurable
  • Multi-sample permeability models optimization
  • Air permeability vs. NMR permeability comparison
  • Combine Acquisition Results
  • Gaussian Fit Distributions
  • Permeability from T1 or T2
  • Reprocessing of 2D Maps
  • Diffusion Distributions
  • Pore Network Connectivity
  • Saturation Recovery
  • Hydrogen Index Determination
  • Fluid Properties
  • Shale Fluid Typing

GIT Systems Basic

This package adds to the measurement capabilities within LithoMetrix, adding some more advanced measurements and processing tools. It is recommended that any GeoSpec analyzer with pulse field gradients is equipped with GIT Systems software. While not as robust as the GIT Systems Advanced software, GIT Systems Basic will allow users to measure more paramaters.

GIT Systems Advanced

Designed for advanced spec NMR Rock Core analyzers with the 1D gradients, this software provides access to the most advanced measurements for high-end NMR systems in production and research environments. No longer are researchers and laboratory managers required to write their own pulse sequences in order to acquire the data desired. Our advanced software package provides access to GIT’s patent-protected measurements and data processing tools to allow your research to advance to the next level.

  • T1-T2 Relaxivity Determination
  • Pore Throat Distribution
  • Capillary Pressure from T1-T2
  • Gas Isotherms
  • Wettability
  • GIT-CAP Capillary Pressure Measurement
  • 1D Saturation Profiles
  • Out of Volume Suppression for 1D Profiles
  • 1D Spatially Resolved T1-T2 Maps
  • T1-T2 Diffusion Maps (3D Relaxaion Maps)
  • And much more.
  • 3D Image Processing
  • 3D Viewer Tool
  • Custom K-Space Trajectories
  • 2D Spatially Resolved T2
  • 2D spiral SE-SPI
  • 3D conical SE-SPI
  • Saturation Recovery T1
  • Slice Selective T2

GIT Systems 3D Imaging

Developed to make the very complex, data rich 3D imaging application easier, this software is for NMR and MRI instruments with full 3D imaging capabilities. GIT Systems 3D Imaging provides access to the latest 3D imaging pulse sequences and tools for viewing and analyzing imagery of rock cores. This software comes standard on the ImaCore MRI Imager and is available for all GeoSpec NMR instruments with the 3D gradient option.


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