ImaCore 3D Core Imager

ImaCore variable field, rotating MRI 3D Imager provides a robust research system for advanced analysis of rock core samples.

ImaCore 3D Rock Core Imager

Combining Green Imaging’s powerful yet easy to use GIT Systems software with MR Solutions leading MRI imaging hardware, ImaCore offers the most powerful rock core analyzer on the market. With a variable field magnet which can perform measurements at field strengths from 0.1 Tesla to 3.0 Tesla, a magnet bore allowing up to 17cm diameter samples, a rotating gimbal, a cryogen free super conducting magnet and industry leading acquisition software, ImaCore will be a key tool for revealing the missing pieces and completing the reservoir puzzle.

Designed to allow MRI and NMR researchers with the ultimate tool for rock core analysis, the ImaCore allows for extremely fast measurements on core plugs or full core measuring the pore network and fluids present in high resolution 3D. This includes flow studies or flooding experiments to study flow fronts and fluid interactions for EOR studies, carbon storage studies and any other area where fluid/pore interactions are key.

The variable field nature of the magnet means researchers can measure not just hydrogen nuclei, but also carbon, sodium and fluorine.

Unique Features
  • Superconducting Magnet- High homogeneity, stable with almost no fringe field
  • Compact and Light – small footprint, ~220Kg
  • Cryogen Free – Closed loop cooling system, no need for constant top up of hydrogen, dry magnet.
  • No Special Room Requirements – No need for quench pipes, no faraday cage, no special floor.
  • Variable Field Strength – From 0.1T to 3.0T (rampable)
Pulse Sequences Included
  • 2D spiral SE-SPI
  • 2D Spiral SPRITE
  • 3D conical SE-SPI
  • 3D conical SPRITE
  • 1D SE-SPI and SPRITE profiles
  • 1D spatial T2
  • 2D spatial T2
  • Out of volume suppression for Long Cores
  • Slice selection for T2
  • 2D Spiral SE-SPI, 3D Conical SE-SPI
Watch this informative presentation by our principle research scientist Dr. Michael Dick on recent flooding studies performed with the ImaCore variable field MRI core analyzer.
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