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ProLab NMR data processing software expands the information gained from your NMR data.


Green Imaging’s NMR ProLab can be used to process data from any time domain (TD) NMR instrument. Users can process data in the lab, in the office or when working remotely, as NMR ProLab does not require direct access to the NMR instrument.

Once NMR data is acquired the real work begins. Processing that data to coax out the valuable information users need is where the value of NMR technology is realized. Green Imaging’s NMR ProLab software provides access to a list of patented NMR data processing tools that can maximize the value of the data collected from time domain NMR instrumentation.

Presented in an easy to learn, customizable user interface, NMR ProLab allows researchers to look deeper into their data to answer more questions and solve more problems.

NMR ProLab provides access to the following NMR processing options:

  • 1D continuous distributions:
    • Free Induction Decay (FID)
    • CPMG T2
    • Inversion Recovery or Saturation Recovery CPMG
    • Diffusion distributions.
  • 2D continuous distributions:
    • T1-T2 from CPMG Inversion or Saturation Recovery
    • T2-Diffusion
    • T2-Store-T2
  • 3D continuous distributions:
    •  T1-T2-Diffusion from CPMG Inversion or Saturation Recovery
    • Diffusion

NMR ProLab also provides a 3D rotational display for 3D processed data so users can interact with the data produced for further analysis or quality control.

By way of offering a level of processing automation, users can create user scripts using the built-in processing modules. This allows users to process large amounts of data with minimal user interaction.

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